Midget Wrestling Career

The Early Years

Kevins passion for wrestling started ever since he was a wee little boy. (not to be confused with the later years when he is a wee little man). Due to his small stature he had to chose oponents his side until he was exposed to his fellow bretheren in the WWE "Fun Sized" Division. He started off wrestling guinea pigs and chichuahas in his younger years and into his teens and once he finally hit the hirght of 3 foot tall at the age of 18 he was finaly able to move up to smaller to medium dog breeds such as beagles and the dachsuns. It actually wasn't until the age of 25 when Kevin was not sure that his comedy career woulld take off that he ended up reaching out to the WWE "Fun Sized" division to join. The first few years of his career he boasted an impressive 25 winning matches. Later that Year he even went on to ear the "Fun Sized" almost light weight world champion ship!


Dont Let Kevins small 3 foot nothing stature fool you he trains hard every single day! Although until the age of 18 he was only able to curl teddy bears attached to a bar he has finally beat the odds and made it up to using actaul weights to train.